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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Analysis Of Francisca Usen’s The Day Of The Mighty Wind

Analysis Of Francisca Usen’s The Day Of The Mighty Wind 

          The Day of the Mighty Wind by Francesca Usen is concern about a young man by name Charles, Charles was born, his parents, Mr. and Mrs.  Itauma cared for and nurtured him and gave him the best they could offer. He grew up to be a very handsome and intelligent young man.
After his secondary education, the community made contributions and sent him to study in Great Britain so that upon his return, he would be an “eye” for them.
          Charles left for Great Britain and upon his graduation from the oxford university, London, he return to his village and made his communities prod due to his excellent performance.
          He got employment at O.G.B Oliverts, Charles Itauma fell in love with Emewan, a beautiful young girl and decided to marry her waiting for her to complete her secondary education. the marriage blessed with a male child, Kelvin and they lived happily.
          Charles was the first person to own a television set in the whole village, every evening he will brought the television set out onto the veranda as a patriotic citizen. The villagers’ began to troop in, in small groups to watch the television.
          Louisa, a very attractive woman of about  twenty-nine years old who arrived in the village from Lagos for  Christmas holiday, one of her cousins, Imo informed her that everyone was preparing to go to Charles’s home. Her cousin told her about Charles that he just returns from London and he owns a television set. Louisa was so moved by this, so she inquired a inquired a second time.
          Three themes which is the Author concern
                   Firstly: Emotional influence – Louisa, a very attractive woman of about twenty-nine years old who arrived in the village from Lagos for the Christmas holiday, when she get to know Charles return from London and own a television set by that time that nobody own a television set by that time that nobody owns it, she was so involved that she inquired a second time.
          Because of this Louisa started developing interest towards Charles after the first day, two days later; Louisa dressed in a conspicuously attractive dress to seduce Charles. Louisa returned to Lagos with Charles still on her mine. After three months Louisa was returned from Lagos.
          Due to this influence Louisa got dressed one morning on her most attractive Lagos wears, where she rubbed Sango automatic charm powder which she obtained from Ijebu- ode on her face. She left to Edoho memorial Grammar school on foot. On arrival, she stood waiting a few feet off the school gate. Because Charles did not have self control so he was moved by what he saw and the whole thing went on.
          The author The day of the mighty wind by Francisca Usen is concern that because of lack of emotional control Louisa long for some ones husband and Charles home that was happy to break up. Because of this emotional influence Charles was ready to let go personal or societal ethic, moral, custom, even religion in order to have Louisa.
Be in doomed. By this the Author of the text the day of mighty wind point out that it pays to be obedient and God fearing.
          By so doing this the lord our God shall fight our battle. Because God is above human destruction charm can fail. So Louisa was throne out of the house by her charm husband and her children because what so ever that was not belong to you will never be yours.
Moral lesson function of literature related to the Author’s concern: the text the day of the mighty wind teaches everyone a great lesson that we should not be desperate; we should wait for our own God appointed time. Louisa did not wait for her own time so she was not contented with what she has.
          It teaches us that we should not be moved by flesh or what we heard; we should work out for our own success like Kevin did.
          The text also make us to understand that the evil that men’s do live with them, and we should not reward evil for evil, but we should love and care to our enemy even the ones that in us to go in pains we should be kind to them. The text also teach us that it pays to be good and hard working example like Kevin when his home was broken by Louisa he did not give up but God who sees our problem make the class teacher to help him out.
          The text also teach us that with God, all things are possible to be prayerful and hard working is good because Enewan was sent out from her home she did not relent her effort in prayers she believed in God, she never wanted to go to J

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