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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Five Thematic Thrust In the Withered Flower by Jasper Eberendu

Five Thematic Thrust In the Withered Flower by Jasper Eberendu

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 Jasper Eberendu’s THE WITHERED FLOWER is a piece of literary work through which the author intends to relate life phenomenon carefully and systematically using thematic. From the view point Jasper Eberendu, the girls of this present day are carried away due to their beauty and wealth, not minding the effect of time in life. The beauty of a woman fades with time and age.

To uncover themes and meanings, begin the analysis by making verifiable observations, like a scientist, through careful reading. Observations that are verifiable are those that can be pointed out and agreed upon by others. These observations are the raw data of literary analysis; they are objective facts. Objective facts are the third person accounts that indicate who is doing what in the story or poem. They establish the when; they confirm the where. They recognize interesting key words and repetitions. They record character dialogue, and they note specific devices used by the poet. Keep in mind that the author made a decision about each of these objective elements. Your role as a reader/analyst is to determine why these creative decisions were specifically made.  
At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to the personal thoughts and emotional reactions that surface when reading the details of the story. This type of information is subjective. Subjective information arises while experiencing the literature. Subjective information is the thoughtful first person “I think, I feel, I know” responses that come from the reader’s background of knowledge and personal experience. These subjective responses are valuable for making initial critical connections to the details within the author’s work. Your probing “I wonder why” questions initiate from subjective responses. Just like the tendency to focus only on surface details – don’t make the mistake of only reporting your subjective impressions, reactions, and opinions. To conduct a thorough analysis which results in the identification of themes – surface details, subjective information, objective data, and inferences must all be reintegrated to reveal the big picture of theme and deeper meaning.
The Concept Of Thematic Thrust
Thematic analysis is sometimes claimed to be compatible with phenomenology in that it can focus on participants' subjective experiences and sense-making; there is a long tradition of using thematic analysis in phenomenological research. A phenomenological approach emphasizes the participants' perceptions, feelings and experiences as the paramount object of study. Rooted in humanistic psychology, phenomenology notes giving voice to the "other" as a key component in qualitative research in general. This approach allows the respondents to discuss the topic in their own words, free of constraints from fixed-response questions found in quantitative studies.
Thematic analysis is sometimes erroneously assumed to be only compatible with phenomenology or experiential approaches to qualitative research. Braun and Clarke argue that their reflexive approach is equally compatible with social constructionist, poststructuralist and critical approaches to qualitative research.
Thematic Analysis of Jasper Eberendu’s THE WITHERED FLOWER
a.                 Theme of Arrogance and Pride
In this context, it can be said that “Beauty without character”, is like tooth brush without tooth pest. Beauty is not complete without character and to achieve that one has to be of Good and loving heart towards his/her fellow human. This context also tries to explain how intelligence, beauty and hove Jennifer gets everything she wants at her back and call, we can agree together that all these without character is nothing. Jennifer mum said to her daughter, that she should “make hay while the sun shines”. This implies more on the place of advice in our daily endeavour. This can be seen in the conversation below;
,” Mike returned. Jennifer only waved at her friend as she was leaving the room. “So Jenny, how are you and your studies? I hope no problem.”“Yea, all is well. We thank (;d.”“Good. Well, I think it is better we start planning for our wedding now that...” Wait.. .Wait . . . is that why you are here?” She snarled. Without a chance for him to speak, she continued, “Well, as you can see, final year is full of academic activities and we don’t even have time for ourselves. I believe you saw things for yourself when you came in here and met us very busy. So my dear, you just have to wait till I graduate.” Mike got infuriated and felt so sullied. He imagined himself, being the dream of every well- established and educated lady, who had many of them clustering around him, to be humiliated and disappointed by Jennifer. Being a responsible and disciplined man, he didn’t utter a word. He simply got up from his seat and left the room. (p.23)

Cynthia in the context of Eberendu’s novel believes that honestly pride goes before a fall. The prides has come and gone, now is the fall. Now she realized all that her friends were advising her then but instead she dumps them and so things her own way.         It also brings to mind the result of disobedience and wickedness, and the rewards came to her when she least expected them.

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